About Us

Our small team of dedicated foodies has been collecting fast food menu prices forever. (More like 2013, back when no one even knew they could do things like this to benefit society.) This is why we know more about fast food than any human should ever know.

At this point, you might be thinking – fast food menu prices? Are you guys for real? Why should I even care?

Well, if you weren’t impressed by the fact we have been doing this for the past 10 years (which means that we are either very determined or very stupid), you should know that our menus are written by living, breathing people. And not some lame computer that doesn’t know the intricate differences between large and extra-large fries.

Everything on this website is fact-checked by our team, which is why so many brands put their trust in us, rather than https://latestmenuprice.website/ (Our totally made-up competitor for illustration purposes.)

You know that if any mistake is ever made (not that this happens often), you can count on it being made by a human. This is why we are super responsive to feedback – just drop us a line if you notice anything out of the ordinary and our friendly neighborhood Jori will fix it in no time.