El Pollo Loco Menu Prices 2022

El Pollo Loco Menu Prices

El Polo Loco Menu Prices: El Polo Loco is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in Mexican-inspired food items like burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and tacos. El Polo Loco prices are usually between Taco Bell and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The restaurant El Polo Loco today serves tacos, burritos and quesadillas started with specially-marinated, charcoal-grilled chicken. Additionally, they serve a range of salad bowls as well as a family meal, and various dishes Click here

El Pollo Loco Menu Prices


El Polo Loco Starters Menu Prices 2021 

Tortilla Soup Small $2.99
Tortilla Soup Large $5.49
Chips & Guacamole $2.99
Tortilla Roll $1.99

El Polo Loco Chicken Combos Menu Prices 2021

Combo Includes Two Small Classic Sides & Small Drink

Leg & Thigh – Combo 2 Pc. $6.89
Breast & Wing – Combo 2 Pc. $7.39
Leg & Thigh – Combo 3 Pc. $7.89
Breast & Wing – Combo 3 Pc. $8.89
Half Chicken Combo 4 Pc. $8.99
Skinless Breast Combo with Vegetables & Side Salad $6.39

El Polo Loco Family Meals Menu Prices 2021

Includes Warm Tortillas

Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides 8 Pc. $19.99
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides 8 Pc. $21.99
Legs & Thighs + 2 Large Sides 10 Pc. $22.99
Mixed Chicken + 2 Large Sides 10 Pc. $23.99
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides 12 Pc. $25.99
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides 12 Pc. $27.99
Legs & Thighs + 3 Large Sides 16 Pc. $28.99
Mixed Chicken + 3 Large Sides 16 Pc. $30.99
Legs & Thighs Chicken Only 8 Pc. $10.99
Mixed Chicken Only 8 Pc. $12.49

3 Course Family Meal with Cheese Enchiladas

Meal Includes 4 Enchiladas, 2 Large Sides, Tortillas & 4 Churros

Legs & Thighs – Meal 8 Pc. $21.99
Mixed Chicken – Meal 8 Pc. $24.99
Legs & Thighs – Meal 12 Pc. $26.99
Mixed Chicken – Meal 12 Pc. $28.99

El Polo Loco Burritos Menu Prices 2021

Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Spicy Chipotle Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Poblano Avocado Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Ranchero Burrito (Chicken) $5.99
Ranchero Burrito (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
BRC Burrito (Beans, Rice & Cheese) $1.49

El Polo Loco Tostadas Menu Prices 2021

Tostada Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Chicken) $6.49
Avocado Bacon Tostada Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.19
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Tostada Salad (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59

El Polo Loco Quesadillas Menu Prices 2021

Avocado Quesadilla (Chicken) $5.79
Avocado Quesadilla (Baja Shrimp) $6.89

El Polo Loco Grill Master Polo Bowls Menu Prices 2021

Fajita Bowl $6.39
Unwrapped Burrito Bowl $6.19
Ultimate Double Bowl $7.49
Mashed Potato Bowl $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl $6.19

El Polo Loco Salads Menu Prices 2021

Mexican Cobb Salad (Chicken) $6.99
Mexican Cobb Salad (Baja Shrimp) $7.99
Classic Salad (Chicken) $5.99
Classic Salad (Baja Shrimp) $6.99

El Polo Loco Bowls Menu Prices 2021

Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Chicken) $7.49
Ultimate Double Bowl (Double Baja Shrimp) $8.59
Grande Avocado Bowl (Chicken) $6.19
Grande Avocado Bowl (Baja Shrimp) $6.99

El Polo Loco Classic Combos Menu Prices 2021

Combo Includes Small Drink

Original Pollo Bowl $5.00
Mexican Caesar Bowl $5.00
Ranchero Bowl $5.00
Classic Chicken Burrito $5.00

El Polo Loco Tacos Menu Prices 2021

Grande Chicken Avocado Taco $2.79
Grande Shrimp Avocado Taco $3.49
Loco Street Taco $1.49
Chicken Taco al Carbon $1.29
Crunchy Taco $1.99

El Polo Loco Baja Shrimp Menu Prices 2021

Two Shrimp Avocado Tacos $6.49
Shrimp Tostada Salad $6.99
Shrimp Avocado Burrito $6.99
Ultimate Double Shrimp Bowl $8.59

El Polo Loco 5 Under 500 Calories Menu Prices 2021

Double Chicken Avocado Salad $6.99
Chicken Black Bean Bowl $6.19
Chicken Mango Grilled Tostada $6.39
Whole Wheat Chicken Avocado Burrito $5.99
Skinny Chicken Quesadilla $6.19

El Polo Loco Specialties Menu Prices 2021v

Chicken Tamales 1 Pc. $1.99
Chicken Tamales 4 Pc. $7.49

El Polo Loco Desserts Menu Prices 2021

Churros 2 Pc. $1.39

El Polo Loco Sides Menu Prices 2021

Corn Small $1.89
Corn Large $3.59
Broccoli Small $1.89
Broccoli Large $3.59
Rice Small $1.89
Rice Large $3.59
Pinto Beans Small $1.89
Pinto Beans Large $3.59
Mashed Potatoes Small $1.89
Mashed Potatoes Large $3.59
Black Beans Small $1.89
Black Beans Large $3.59
Cole Slaw Small $1.89
Cole Slaw Large $3.59
Loco Side Salad Small $1.89
Loco Side Salad Large $3.59
Macaroni & Cheese Small $1.89
Macaroni & Cheese Large $3.59

El Polo Loco Kids’ Meals Menu Prices 2021

Meal Includes Small Side & Kid’s Drink

2 Legs $3.99
Mini Pollo Bowl $3.99
BRC Burrito $3.99

El Polo Loco Drinks Menu Prices 2021

Soft Drink Small $1.69
Soft Drink Medium $1.89
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Bottled Water $1.59

El Pollo Loco Important Links

Official Website elpolloloco.com/
Locations elpolloloco.com/locations/
Careers elpolloloco.com/careers/
Gift Cards elpolloloco.com/gift-cards/
Catering elpolloloco.com/rewards/
Loco Rewards elpolloloco.com/rewards/

El Pollo Loco Contact Information

El Pollo Loco Corporate Office Address- 3535 Harbor Boulevard Suite 100Costa Mesa, CA 92626USA

El Pollo Loco Corporate Phone Number- (714) 599-5000

You can also contact the El Pollo Loco team by using the contact form on their website.

El Pollo Loco Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/ElPolloLoco

Instagram Account- instagram.com/ElPolloLoco/

Twitter Handle- twitter.com/ElPolloLoco

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What’s the price of the double loaded nachos from El Pollo Loco?

Both Double loaded Nachos will be on sale until November 2nd 2021. The prices vary, however both nachos cost $7.49 in my local area.

What’s on El Pollo Loco nachos?

Loco Chicken Nachos are a mix of cooked chicken, guacamole queso blanco, cilantro sauce Fried serrano pepper, as well as salty tortilla chips.

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