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Krystal Menu With Prices

Krystal Menu Prices: Everything you need to know about Krystal’s menu prices is available on this page. 

Krystal serves fast-food hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches at restaurants which are located in the southern states. The Southern United States.

The most well-known product that is on the Krystal menu is the square, small grill burgers served with a steamed bun. 

It is among the oldest fast-food chains in America. hamburger chains and has a loyal group of patrons.

Krystal has added other popular items, including the full range of breakfast choices. If you’re stopping in for lunch, breakfast or dinner, or even late-night snacks You can count on delicious food and a warm welcome.

Are you tired of eating normal hamburgers? If so, then you must go for the tasty hamburgers of Krystal. 

Krystal is a restaurant that offers innovative square hamburgers. It is a must to try these delicious squared hamburgers.

 Krystal’s menu and prices are recently changed. Before you go to the restaurant, make yourself familiar with the current Krystal menu and prices. This article covers everything.

Krystal’s menu is great for those looking to have a tasty healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

Breakfast menus are available, you can choose scrambled eggs bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Original Scrambler Breakfast Bowl, Low Carb Scrambler Bowl Combo, and much more.

Krystal Menu Prices




Popular Items

12 Krystals® & 12 Spicy Wings $20.98
 6 Krystals® & 6 Chiks® $13.98
12 Krystal + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $17.12
24 Krystal + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $26.04
6 Krystal + 6 Chiks + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $19.89
Half Gallon Coca-Cola Product $3.97
12 Krystals® & 12 Chiks® $25.16

Top Menu Items

12 Krystals® + Party Fries + Any… $16.99
24 Krystals® + Party Fries + Any… $25.99
Krystals® $10.70


 12 Sunrisers $12.22
 12 Chik® Biscuits $32.41
 12 Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuits $32.35
12 Chicken Biscuits & Cheese Biscuits $32.48
 12 Original Sausage Scramblers $36.10


Krystal offers hot, juicy goodness by the Sackful, in handy packs perfect for sharing or, if you’re really hungry, just for yourself. All sackfuls are available as combos for an upcharge which adds 2 med fries or tots and 2 med drinks.
12 KRYSTALS and 12 CHIKS $24.79  5.0

Meal Bundles

24 Krystal, Party Fries, and Half Gallon Beverage $25.98
24 Krystals® + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $25.92
12 Krystal, Party Fries, and Half Gallon Beverage $16.87
12 Krystals® + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $16.94
6 Krystal, 6 Chiks, Party Fries, and Half Gallon Beverage $19.90
6 Krystals® + 6 Chiks® + Party Fries + Any Half Gallon Beverage $19.88

Limited Time Offer

 Krystal Catch $1.66

Party Packs

 6 Krystals® and 6 Chiks® Combo $13.93
 12 Krystals® and 12 Chiks® Combo $24.99
12 Krystals® and 12 Spicy Wings $21.32

Combo Meals

Our combos offer a variety of your favorites – perfect for lunch or dinner. All come with medium fries or tots and a medium drink.

Main Menu

 12 Krystals® $11.01
12 Chiks® $15.14
Spicy Wings $10.91  4.8


 20 Nuggets $6.10
40 Nuggets $12.21
 Chik® Nuggets $6.13

Pups & Strips

Combo includes medium side and drink.
 Classic Pup $1.49
Corn Pup $2.09
 Chili Cheese Pup $2.04


Half Gallon Iced Tea $3.85
Half Gallon Lemonade $3.86


 12 Spicy Wings $10.83  5.0
24 Spicy Wings $20.28


 Nashville Hot Chik® $14.99
 Chiks® $14.81


Nuggets $5.95  1.0

Loaded Fries/Tots

How do you take fries and tots to a higher level? You load ‘em up with chili, cheese and other yummies for maximum goodness.


 12 Chili Cheese Pups $16.01
 12 Classic Pups $12.17
 12 Corn Pups $15.14

24 Packs

24 Krystals® $20.10
24 Krystals® w/ Cheese $24.67
24 Krystals® w/ Bacon $31.00
24 Krystals® w/ Bacon & Cheese $36.58
24 Chiks® $27.38
24 Chiks® w/ Cheese $37.66
24 Chiks® w/ Bacon $43.63
24 Chiks® w/ Bacon & Cheese $51.57

Half Gallon Beverages

Half Gallon Beverage $3.83
Half Gallon Beverages $3.84


Need a quick pick-me-up? Krystal’s snacks are hotter, juicier, and steamier than anything you’ll find anywhere in town. Drop by for a real treat!
 GLAZE BOMBS – 4PC $1.34
Apple Turnover $1.24
GLAZE BOMBS – 10PC $2.94

Party Fries

 Party Fries $3.56
 Chili Cheese Fries $5.32
 Junkyard Fries $5.88  5.0

Krystals and Chiks

Need a quick pick-me-up? Krystal’s snacks are hotter, juicier, and steamier than anything you’ll find anywhere in town. Drop by for a real treat!
 CHEESE KRYSTAL $1.57  5.0
 CHIK $2.23


 Party Tots $3.55
 Junkyard Party Tots $5.95
 Junkyard Tots $5.99
 Bacon Cheddar Ranch Tots $5.46
 Chili Cheese Party Tots $5.52


2 Apple Pies $2.90

About Krystal

👉Krystal prices are a steal. Krystal prices are exceptional in that you’re not able to get such great deals on delicious food and drinks. The Atlanta fast-food chain differentiates itself against its rivals with its unique approach to sliders.

👉The chain has gained an excellent image for its small hamburger slices that are square which are beloved by the fans due to their juicy meats, delicious buns, and tasty onion steamed in.

👉They’re definitely the most sought-after dishes on the menu and the main factor behind the chain’s continued popularity.

👉Apart from “the Krystal”, as the sliders are called and the menu includes small hotdogs that come with a variety of fillings. The burgers are also larger, such as The Big Angus Burger, which is made with the highest quality Angus beef. 

👉The chain also offers extensive breakfast menus, which include sandwiches featuring eggs and meat biscuits, biscuits, and a breakfast that is country-style. 

👉The most sought-after breakfast option is the Scrambler available with a variety of pancakes, scrambled egg scrambles, and sausages that include grits, sausage gravy, cheese, and cheese.visit here

Krystal Near Me


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Krystal FAQS

Which is better Krystal or White Castle?

The Verdict. Also, If you’re looking for an ice-cream-like burger pick White Castle, but for tasty and savory burgers you should go with Krystal. Another major distinction between them is the bun, since Krystal is more full. But, there are some who choose White Castle because of its tasty sweet taste and it’s also only a couple of cents less expensive.

Are Krystal burgers healthy?

Burger The Burger A simple Krystal burger has 130 calories, 6 grams of fat and 330 mg of sodium. The addition of chili and cheese increases the total fat and calories consumed significantly, and also the total sodium count.

Are Krystal burgers steamed?

But the most popular dishes which are burgers are very distinct. What distinguishes White Castle special is the unique fact that the burgers at White Castle are steam-cooked and feature a distinctive soft texture. Krystal is an incredibly small version of a classic hamburger.

Why do people like crystals?

The taste-wise, they are on the sweeter side If you’re looking for something similar to this and like sliders, you’ll enjoy theirs. The buns are juicy and become soft and mushy. This is something worth noting if you’re concerned about the consistency and taste of your hamburgers.

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