Prezzo Boca Menu With Prices 2022

Are you looking to meet up with your female friends for some photos? Prezzo Boca could be the right place for you and your friends. I’ll be sharing all you need to know about Prezzo Boca in this blog.

Prezzo Boca offers antipasti and zuppa & salata, as well as pizzas, sandwiches & entrees. For around $20.00, you can get a decent meal. The carrot cheesecake is the most well-known dish.

Prezzo Boca Menu With Prices 2021

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Prezzo Boca Menu With Prices

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I will give you Prezzo Boca’s latest menu, their contact information, and how much it costs to open a franchise store. Also, the nutritional breakdown of each item on their Prezzo Boca menu.

Prezzo Boca is an Italian Restaurant that is located in Florida, USA. In 1989, Prezzo Boca opened its first Boca Raton location. They are known for their authentic Italian cuisine, which is why so many people love to visit them. The structure of the restaurant is also a major reason for their success.

Their 4,300-square foot location is an entirely new experience. People visit them not only to eat there but to experience something new in a large restaurant.

Prezzo Boca Menu Prices 2022

Prezzo Boca’s Italian menu offers many delicious options, including soups, starters, and tasty food everyone will love. They also offer many types of pizza. Prezzo Boca is also available for pizza making.

This brand is known for its wood-burning pizzas that have crispy thin crusts. Prezzo Boca has one item that is mandatory, and it’s the most important Italian dish. Pasta is the dish’s name. There are many pasta options, including spaghetti and rigatoni Bolognese.

Prezzo Boca also serves Prezzo classics, Dalla Terra, dal mare, sides, kids meal, Prezzo sauce by the quart, delightful desserts, appetizing beverages, spirits. Prezzo Boca is a lovely place with a lot of comforts. Their staff are super friendly and will help you order the dishes.

The prices are very affordable. For as low as $50, you can have a wonderful meal with your family. Without further delay, let’s see the Prezzo Boca Price List.

Prezzo Boca – Lunch Box Menu 2022

Chicken Caesar Salad $12.00
Quinoa Power Salad $12.00
Penne Ala Vodka $12.00
Margherita Pizza $12.00
Eggplant Parmesan $12.00
Chicken Milanese $12.00

Prezzo Boca – Antipasti Menu 

Roasted Garlic and Focaccia Breadsticks $0.00
Pear Pasta $14.00
Calamari Fritti $15.00
Mussels Moretti $16.00
Baked Clams Oreganata $15.00
Antipasto Italiano $19.00
Meatballs $12.00
Mediterranean Octopus $17.00
Wood Oven-Roasted Chicken Wings $15.00
Brussels Sprouts $14.00
Eggplant Caprese Stack $16.00

Zuppa & Insalata Menu

Pasta E Fagioli Soup $9.00
Insalata Di Casa $10.00
Strawberry Salad $14.00
Prezzo Caesar $12.00
Burrata Salad $14.00

Prezzo Boca Pizza Menu 

Arrabbiata $17.00
Pizza Bianco $18.00
Prosicutto Di Parma $19.00
The Meatball $17.00

Sandwiches and Entrees

Pollo Balsamico $26.00
Italian Sandwich $14.00
Prezzo Burger $16.00
Milanese Sandwich $13.00
Bolognese $14.00
Bucatini Amatriciana $15.00
Cavatappi Vegetariana $16.00
Chicken Parm $14.00
Pan-Seared Salmon $16.00

Prezzo Boca Sides Menu  

Broccolini $8.00
Roasted Potatoes $8.00
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts $8.00
Tri-Color Carrots $8.00
Sauteed Spinach $8.00
Whipped Potatoes $8.00
Spaghetti Squash Pomodoro Side $10.00

Prezzo Boca Kids Meals Menu 

Kids Pizza $9.00
Kids Pasta $7.00
Kids Grilled Chicken $9.00
Kids Chicken Parm $9.00

Prezzo Sauce by the Quart

Pomodoro Sauce (1Quart) $8.00
Pomodoro Sauce (4Quart) $30.00
Vodka Sauce (1Quart) $12.00
Vodka Sauce (4Quart) $40.00
Bolognese Sauce (1Quart) $15.00
Bolognese Sauce (4Quart) $50.00

Prezzo Boca – Desserts

Tiramisu $9.00
Ricotta Cheesecake $9.00
Almond Amaretto Cookies $8.00
Carrot Cake $12.00
Chocolate Ganache $11.00
Large Italian Cannolis $10.00

N/A Beverage Menu

Sole Still Mineral Water $7.00
Sole Sparkling Mineral Water $7.00

Prezzo Boca Retail Menu

Prezzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil $10.00
Prezzo Gift Card $10.00

Prezzo Boca Menu Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutritional information of the items present on the Prezzo Boca menu, click on the link I’ve mentioned above.

Prezzo Boca Menu Franchise Details

Prezzo Boca Menu With Prices 2021

Prezzo Boca just has 1 exclusive store located in Florida. So if you are planning to open a franchised Prezzo Boca store in your locality you can’t because the brand doesn’t allow franchise opportunities to anyone.

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Prezzo Baco Contact Information

Prezzo Baco Corporate Office Address: Johnston House, 8 Johnston Road, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 0XA 

Prezzo Baco Corporate Office Phone Number:  0208 505 4782

To contact the team of Prezzo Baco, you can also fill the contact form given on their website.

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