Sonic Drive-In Menu Prices (Updated 2022)❤️

Sonic Drive-In Menu Prices

Sonic Drive-In Menu Prices: For delicious comfort food and refreshing drinks during summer Visit Sonic Drive-In! Most well-known for its retro-themed design, Sonic Drive-In has proved to be the most popular spot in America for comfort food.

 It’s the most renowned chain of drive-in restaurants across America. We’ll explore more about the prices on its menu as well as other details regarding Sonic Drive-In.

The Sonic Drive-In menu and prices might vary slightly based on the location closest to you.

 To find the exact prices you’ll need to search for the menus of your closest Sonic Drive-In from its official website, it’s Android or iOS app, or other food delivery application.

 Here is the menu for Sonic Drive-In with prices from the Arkansas location that have been updated from July 1 2022 and onwards.

Sonic Drive-In is renowned for its drive-in concept and the carnival-themed menu items including slushes and onion rings, corn dogs, and milkshakes. They also have chili dogs.

 The menu is a diverse selection of snacks, and breakfast including chicken, combos, frozen zone, and beverages. One of the most impressive features of Sonic Drive-In is its soda fountain. You can choose a variety of drinks. A great meal at Sonic Drive-In is $10.

Contrary to other restaurants Sonic Drive-thru includes carhop service. The service is smooth and orders are made via the intercom.

 If you are a fan of their onion rings, slushies cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and cheeseburgers. You’ll surely be interested in knowing the insider’s scoop on Sonic Drive-In’s hidden menu.

The ever-popular secret menu at Sonic Drive-In is added with many surprising food items. In this article, you’ll learn about the menu and costs, nutritional value, details about the franchise, contact info, and more.

 What are you wasting time on? Let’s talk about the history of Sonic Drive-In.

Sonic Drive-In Menu Prices




Popular Items

SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger $6.71  5.0
 Mozzarella Sticks $3.82  5.0
Sonic Blast® $4.27 1 3.0
 Oreo’s Cookie Pieces $4.88
 Boneless Wings $5.73 1
 Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $4.97 1
Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger $6.50  4.3
 Ched R Peppers® $4.51
 Breakfast TOASTER® $4.10
Chicken Strips $4.69
Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara $3.45  5.0

Snacks & Sides

Pretzel Twist $2.67  5.0
 Fries $2.06  5.0
 Hand Made Onion Rings $2.86  1.0
Onion Rings $3.09
Homemade Onion Rings $3.36
Handmade Onion Rings $2.91
Ched R Bites $4.80
Cheddar Peppers $4.91
 Jumbo Popcorn Chicken® $4.93
Tots with Chili & Cheese $3.38  1.0
Corn Dog $1.90
Fries with Chili & Cheese $3.39
Cheese Tots $2.47
Cheese Fries $2.28
 Tree Top Apple Sauce $1.68
 Chili Cheese Tots $2.99
Soft Pretzel Twists $2.57
Tots $2.06
 Chili Cheese Fries $3.07
Tree Top Applesauce $1.75
Soft Pretzel Twist $2.40

Make it Yours

Hot Chili $0.79
American Cheese $0.74
Crispy Bacon $0.87
Jalapenos $0.70

Snacks and Sides

Tater Tots $2.17
Apple Sauce Pouch $1.89

Ultimate Drink Stop®

All-Natural Lemonade $2.86
 Limeade with Fresh Limes $2.21
Soft Drink $1.91 1
Frozen Lemonades $2.78
Iced Tea $1.95
Real Fruit Slush $2.34
 Frozen Limeades $2.63
Ocean Water® $2.26
Signature Limeade $2.32
Frozen Lemonade $2.74
MINUTE MAID® Orange Juice $2.44
Slushes $2.15
Limeade $2.51
Limeade Slush $2.75
Fountain Drink $2.17
Famous Slush $2.15
Frozen Limeade $2.72
Lemonade $2.75
 Signature Limeades $2.31
Candy Slush $2.31
Lemonade Slush $2.81
Green Mountain® Iced Coffee $2.55
 Slush $1.98  5.0
 Cold Brew Iced Coffee $2.56


 14. Breakfast Burrito Combo $5.96
 15. Premium Burrito $4.99
Sausage Breakfast Burrito $3.49
 15. Premium Burrito Combo $7.15
Bacon Breakfast Burrito $3.49
 17. Croissonic Sandwich $4.45
 Bacon Breakfast Toaster® $4.17
 17. CroisSONIC Sandwich Combo $6.53
 Cinnabon® Cinnasnacks® with Cream Cheese Frosting $4.02
 Jr. Sausage, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito $2.08
 Sausage Breakfast Toaster® $4.17
 Jr. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito $2.07

Side Items

Chili Cheese Tater Tots $3.71
Soft Pretzel Twist & Cheese Sauce $2.32

Ultimate Drink Stop

Frozen Lemonades & Limeades $3.02
Green Mountain Hot Coffee $1.95
Limeades with Fresh Limes $2.33
 Real Fruit Slushes $2.47
Famous Slushes $2.19
Limeades $2.81  3.0
 Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice Box $1.72
 Soft Drinks $2.06  5.0
 Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Coffee $2.02
Apple Juice Box $1.92
Sonic Wave Water Bottle $1.99

Wacky Pack® Kids’ Meals

 Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack® $5.24
 Hamburger Wacky Pack® $4.67
 Grilled Cheese Wacky Pack® $4.67
 Hot Dog Wacky Pack® $4.67 1 5.0
 Corn Dog Wacky Pack® $4.67

A la Carte Entrées

Sonic® Cheeseburger $5.19
Regular Jumbo Popcorn Chicken® $4.97
 SuperSONIC® Bacon Double Cheeseburger $7.45
 Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.90
 Ultimate Meat and Cheese Burrito $4.97
Crispy Chicken Sandwich $5.84
 Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich $5.77
Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger $7.14  1.0
SuperSonic® Breakfast Burrito $4.70
 6″ Premium Beef Hot Dogs $2.65
Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster $6.17  5.0
Hatch Green Chile Cheeseburger $6.65
Philly Cheesesteak $7.47  0.5
SuperSONIC® Jalapeño Double Cheeseburger $6.83
Cinnabon Cinnasnacks® $3.47
 Chicken Slinger $3.43
BLT Toaster $4.43
Chicken Wrap $5.63
6″ Premium Beef Hot Dog $2.98
6″ Premium Beef Hot Dogs: Chili Cheese Coney $2.60
 Brioche Breakfast Sandwich $4.20
 CinnaSnacks $3.82  5.0
 Classic Chicken Sandwich $5.52
6″ Premium Beef Hot Dogs: All-American Dog $2.58
6″ Premium Beef Hot Dogs: New York Dog $2.77
 Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.95
Footlong Chili Cheese Coney $4.78
 Breakfast Burrito $3.48
 French Toast Sticks $3.41
 Cinnabon Cinnasnack $3.30
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Burrito $4.54
 Premium Burrito $5.22
Croissonic™ Breakfast Sandwich $4.03
Country Fried Steak Sandwich $5.32
 Chicken Club Toaster $6.50
Crispy Tenders $4.72
Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito $4.64
 Sauced Popcorn Chicken $5.40


Buffalo Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $5.89
Honey BBQ Sauced Jumbo Popcorn Chicken $5.86
 Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Wings $6.72
Honey BBQ Boneless Wings $6.65
Buffalo Boneless Wings $6.65
 Crispy Tenders – 3 Piece $5.09
Crispy Chicken Tenders $4.91
Crispy Tenders – 5 Piece $7.42
 3 Piece Crispy Tender Dinner $7.99
5 Piece Crispy Tender Dinner $9.91


 1. Sonic Cheeseburger $6.53
 14. Breakfast Burrito $4.81
 SONIC® Cheeseburger Combo $8.20
 Supersonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo $10.73  0.5
 1. Sonic Cheeseburger Combo $7.84
 2. Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger $6.91
2. SuperSonic® Double Cheeseburger $8.79
 All-American Dog Combo $5.24
 SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger Combo $9.83
 3. Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger $7.49
3. SuperSonic® Bacon Double Cheeseburger $9.36
 2. Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger Combo $9.54
 4. Super Sonic Jalapeño Double Cheeseburger $7.34
6. Chili Cheese Coney $6.09
 16. BREAKFAST TOASTER® Combo $6.44
 Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Combo $9.78
 Ultimate Meat and Cheese Breakfast Burrito Combo $6.98
 Jumbo Popcorn Chicken® Combo $8.76
 All-American Premium Beef Hot Dog Combo $6.87
 3. Super Sonic Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo $10.32
6. All-American $6.07
 6. Premium Beef Hot Dog All American $2.44
 6. Premium Beef Hot Dog Chili Cheese Coney $4.23
 Crispy Tender Dinner $7.82
 Chili Cheese Coney Combo $6.25
 4. Super Sonic Jalapeño Double Cheeseburger Combo $10.03
 Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Combo $8.10
10. Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo $7.84
 6. Premium Beef Hot Dog All American Combo $6.55
 Buffalo Boneless Wings Combo $9.61
 Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.99
Asian Sweet Chili Boneless Wings Combo $16.08
 Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.75
 SuperSONIC® Breakfast Burrito Combo $7.70
 6. Premium Beef Hot Dog Chili Cheese Coney Combo $6.55
 11. Crispy Tender Dinner $6.83
 Honey BBQ Boneless Wings Combo $9.91
 7. Footlong Quarter Pound Coney $6.31
3 Piece Crispy Tenders Dinner Combo $9.35
 8. Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium $6.47
15. Premium Breakfast Burritos: Ultimate Meat & Cheese Combo $6.66
5 Piece Crispy Tender Dinner Combo $11.28
 7. Footlong Quarter Pound Coney Combo $8.10
 8. Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large $7.57
 Breakfast Burrito Combo $7.14
 9. Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.03
 Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo $6.37
 10. Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich $7.23
15. Premium Breakfast Burritos: SuperSonic® Breakfast Burrito $6.25
 8. Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Medium Combo $7.43
 Bacon Breakfast Burrito Combo $6.37
 Ultimate Meat & Cheese Breakfast Burrito™ Combo $8.37
 18. Cinnabon Cinnasnacks® $4.99
 8. Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Large Combo $8.60
 Sausage Breakfast Toaster® Combo $7.17
 9. Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo $7.96
 Bacon Breakfast Toaster® Combo $7.17
 9. Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich $5.42
 Cinnabon® Cinnasnacks® Combo $5.90
 9. Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo $8.31
Footlong Chili Cheese Coney Combo $9.17
 10. Ultimate Chicken Sandwich Combo $9.57

Wacky Pack® Kids’ Meals

Chicken Strips Kids’ Meal $4.51
Jr. Burger Kid’s Meal $4.41
 Wacky Pack Corn Dog $4.10
Crispy Tenders Kids’ Meal $4.34
Wacky Pack Burger $4.43
Wacky Pack Crispy Tenders $5.04
Grilled Cheese Kid’s Meal $4.32
Wacky Pack Grilled Cheese $4.32
Beef Hot Dog Kid’s Meal $4.30
 Wacky Pack Hot Dog $4.27
Corn Dog Kid’s Meal $4.37

All Day Breakfast

Ultimate Meat and Cheese Breakfast burrito $4.94

Frozen Zone

Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes $3.66
Hand Mixed Classic Shake $3.28
Classic Shakes $4.24
Master Shakes $4.78  4.5
Hand Mixed Master Shake $3.77
Real Ice Cream Sundaes – Hot Fudge $2.61
Hot Fudge Sundae $3.09
Hot Fudge Ice Cream Sundae $2.81
 Master Shake $4.19
Hand-Mixed Master Shakes $3.76
 Classic Shake $3.52

Breakfast Drinks

 Iced Coffee Original $2.89
 Iced Coffee French Vanilla $2.89
 Iced Coffee Chocolate $2.89
 Iced Coffee Praline Pecan $2.89
Orange Juice $2.30


Sonic Bacon Cheeseburger $5.95
 Pork Tenderloin Sandwich $5.91
 Sauced Jumbo popcorn chicken $5.49


Candy Slushes $2.73

Everyday Deals

Jr. Breakfast Burrito $1.87
 Jr. Deluxe Cheeseburger $2.32
 Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger $3.22
Vanilla Cone $1.43
 Grilled Cheese $2.15
 Chicken Tender Sandwich $2.28
 Crispy Tender Sandwich $2.37
 Chicken Strip Sandwich $2.35
Jr. Double Cheeseburger $3.16
Junior Breakfast Burrito $1.91
Junior Deluxe Cheeseburger $2.25
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $2.15
 Real Ice Cream Sundae $2.70


 Jr. Burger $3.55

Kids’ Meal

 Beef Hot Dog $4.30

Signature Limeades

Cherry Limeade $2.62
 Diet Cherry Limeades $2.69
 Strawberry Limeades $2.69
 Cranberry Limeades $2.69
 Lime Limeades $2.68
 Diet Lime Limeades $2.69

Hot Dogs

All-American Dog $2.75
 Chili Cheese Coney $2.94

Breakfast Entrées – Served All Day

Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito $4.34


Green Tea $1.87

Kids’ Meals

Wacky Pack 100% Beef Hot Dog $3.21
Wacky Pack Jr Burger $2.86
Wacky Pack Chicken Strips $4.02

Soft Drinks

Coca – Cola $1.85
Diet Coke $1.82
 Coca-Cola Zero Sugar $1.80
Sprite $1.81
Sprite Zero $1.82
 Barq’s Root Beer $1.84
Dr. Pepper $1.87
Powerade $1.38
Hi-C Fruit Punch $1.82
 Fanta Orange $1.81
Diet Dr. Pepper $1.87

Real Ice Cream Slush

 Real Ice Cream Slush $4.26

Ultimate Iced Tea Stop

 Fresh Brewed Unsweetened Tea $1.80
Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea $1.82
Sweet Green Tea $1.73
Diet Green Tea $1.75


 Sonic Blast® Made with Oreo® Cookie Pieces $4.12
 Sonic Blast® Made with M&M’s® Chocolate Candies $4.09  5.0
 Sonic Blast® Made with Butterfinger® Candy $4.12
 Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Sonic Blast® $4.09
 Sonic Blast® Made with Snickers® Bars $4.12
 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast® $2.74

Featured Items

 Bag of Ice $3.43

Classic Shake

 Chocolate Classic Shake $3.16
 Strawberry Classic Shake $3.16
 Fresh Banana Classic Shake $3.16
 Vanilla Classic Shake $3.16
 Peanut Butter Classic Shake $3.16
 Hot Fudge Classic Shake $3.16
 Caramel Classic Shake $3.16

Sonic Blast

 M & M’S Chocolate Candies $4.87
 Snickers Bars $4.88
 Butterfinger Pieces $4.88

Master Shake™

 Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake™ $3.86
 Cheesecake Master Shake™ $3.86
 OREO® Chocolate Master Shake™ $3.86
 OREO® Peanut Butter Master Shake™ $3.86
 OREO® Cheesecake Master Shake™ $3.86

Classic Shakes – Hand Mixed Shakes

 Vanilla Shake $3.73
 Chocolate Shake $3.73
 Caramel Shake $3.73
 Hot Fudge Shake $3.73
 Peanut Butter Shake $3.73  5.0
 Fresh Banana Shake $3.73
 Strawberry Shake $3.73

Master Shakes – Hand Mixed Shakes

 Strawberry Banana $4.44
Strawberry Cheesecake $4.44
 Cheesecake $4.44
 Oreo Cheesecake $4.44
 Oreo Chocolate $4.44
 Oreo Peanut Butter $4.44
 Peanut Butter Fudge $4.44

Master Blast

 Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dream $5.03
 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough $5.03

Waffle Cone Sundaes

 M & M’S Chocolate Candies & Strawberry $3.19
 Vanilla Waffle Cone $2.09

Real Ice Cream Sundaes

 Hot Fudge $2.75
 Caramel $2.75
Chocolate $1.69
 Strawberry $2.75

History Of Sonic Drive-In

👉Sonic Drive-In (also called Sonic) is an American drive-in fast-food restaurant chain that was founded by Troy Smith Sr. on June 18th, 1953. It was the first Sonic Drive-In store opened in Shawnee, Oklahoma, the U.S.

👉 The year was 1953. Troy and his co-owner opened a steak house. In the beginning, the restaurant was earning about $700 per week from the sale of root beer hamburgers, and hot dogs. After seeing the profits, Troy Smith Sr. was able to continue working on his own.

👉In Louisiana, Troy saw the drive-in, where people were ordering food using speakers while carhops were bringing food to the vehicles. After witnessing the situation, Smith borrowed some cars from a friend in order to set up the drive-in service.

👉 The sales nearly doubled thanks to this approach. Because of this, Smith partnered with Charles Woodrow Pappe (an entrepreneurial entrepreneur) and launched the first franchised location of Sonic Drive-In. This led to endless business success.

👉But on September 25 the 25th of September, and the 25th of September, Inspire Brands acquired this fast-food restaurant chain in Oklahoma. Inspire Brands is the same company that owns Arby’s along with Buffalo Wild Wings.

👉With its distinctive concept, Sonic Drive-In is now one of the most well-known fast-food chains have nearly 3500 outlets spread across 43 states in America.

👉The year 2020 saw Sonic has introduced an improved drive-in method that has wider drive-thru lanes as well as a larger design to accommodate car docks. Because of this improved system, the company has also seen an increase in sales in 2020 by more than 21% and generated a total income that was $5.7 billion. 

👉This is an impressive increase when compared to the company’s revenues in the year 2019 which was $1 billion.

About Sonic Drive-In

👉Sonic Drive-In chain has always stood out from the rest in the fast-food restaurant business. Its distinctive characteristics include its drive-in concept that is innovative and its carhops that ride on roller skates. It’s a business that is so successful that it is consistently featured in different business magazines like QSR Magazine, as among the top in the business.

👉Customers typically drive into the Sonic restaurant’s covered drive-in area then give drinks and food orders using an intercom system, and then drive to the designated parking spaces.

👉Carhops from the restaurant then serve their food, so there’s no requirement to leave the vehicle. The majority of restaurants offer dine-in and drive-thru (i.e. via seats on patios) choices as a response to demand from customers for a variety of services.

👉It is worth noting that the Sonic Drive-In prices are the same across all of these restaurants, but.

👉The menu includes fast-food staples like hamburgers and cheeseburgers, breakfast sandwiches in a toaster along with corn dog and chili. 

👉The menu for sides includes French fries as well as onion rings, while the drinks menu features slush milkshakes and soft drinks. Desserts include banana splits and Sundaes.

👉Below are the most recent Sonic Drive-In menu prices Visit Here

Sonic Drive Near Me


Sonic FAQS

What is Sonic’s secret?

I’m reminded of those times by Sonic’s secret drink selection known as the Purple Sprite. It’s a sweet and sugary mixture consisting of Sprite, Powerade, lemonade, and cranberry juice that is completely refreshing. Sonic specializes in wild cocktail combinations that may sound a bit odd until you test them and this is the ideal instance.

Is Sonic a hedgehog?

Sonic Sonic is an blue hedgehog that can sprint at ultrasonic speeds and transform into a ball principally to attack adversaries.

What is Sonic named after?

The jet-age was echoed in the slogan of Top Hat included ” Service with the speed of Sound,” which is why the company picked the name “Sonic.” In 1959, the Stillwater Top Hat became the first Sonic Drive-In.

What is a pink flamingo at Sonic?

Pink Flamingo The Sprite is flavored with Orange pineapple, cherry and flavoring. The purple Sprite: Sprite, Powerade Lemonade, and cranberry juice.

What is Sonic ocean water made of?

It’s ideal for parties or on a hot, sunny day. It is made from sugar, water Coconut extract, Sprite, and food coloring.

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