The Boiling Crab Menu & Prices 2022

The Boiling Crab Menu & Prices

Imagine a heap of freshly cooked shrimp and crawfish, all steamed up, with plenty of sauce. Grab a crawfish and then break it up with your hands. You will feel the flavors and spices explode in your mouth.

This is the promise of The Boiling Crab seafood restaurant, which has since expanded to other countries and continents. It has opened more than 15 locations across the US since its 2004 debut in Garden Grove, California.

Because of its main concept, the restaurant has a long waiting list. You can eat buckets of seafood without any utensils. The Vietnamese-Cajun flavor is also present, with signature broths and sauces that bring out all the flavors of the ocean. It’s a great place to eat a wide variety of seafood at surprisingly affordable prices official.

The Boiling Crab Menu & Prices 2021

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The Boiling Crab is open every day of the week. It opens at 3 p.m. weekdays and 12 noon on weekends. Delivery is also possible through third-party apps like DoorDash and UberEats.


Step 1: What’s Your Catch?

Blue Crab


Market Price



$9.00 – $15.00

Dungeness Crab


Market Price

King Crab Legs

Market Price

Snow Crab Legs

Market Price



Market Price


Market Price



Market Price



(1 Pound)


(1 Pound)


(1 Pound)

Step 2: What’s Your Flavor?

Rajun Cajun


Lemon Pepper

The Whole Sha-Bang!

Can’t decide? mix all three!

Garlic Sauce

Step 3: How Spicy Can You Go?


Plain n’ simple


Just a kick


It’s gettin’ hot n’ here!


I can’t feel my mouth!

I Like It, Fried!

Each Selection Is Hand Tossed In Our Homemade Batter And Fried To Perfection When You Order It.

Fried Catfish Basket

All baskets include cajun fries, no substitutes.


Fried Shrimp Basket

All baskets include cajun fries, no substitutes.


Chicken Tenders Basket

All baskets include cajun fries, no substitutes.


Fried Calamari


Fried Oysters


Hot Wings

Cajun or lemon pepper

$5.00 – $7.00

The Boiling Crab Extras Menu


With or without rice



Additional for extra shrimp or sausage


Cajun Powder


Cajun Chowder

Additional for extra shrimp or sausage


Corn On The Cob






Cajun Fries


Lemon Pepper Fries


Sweet Potato Fries


Steamed Rice


Extra Condiments

Garlic sauce, ket/mayo, mayo, g’s sea-sauce, honey mustard, bbq, ranch, tartar, cocktail.




Free refills. coke, diet coke, sprite, raspberry iced tea, sweet green tea, black tea-sweet/unsweetened, lemonade, fruit punch, Mr. Pibb, root beer.


Domestic Beer


Imported Beer




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Is the Boiling Crab offer their sauce for sale?

There’s nothing better than an excellent sauce to spice up your seafood. Of the four options for sauces available at The Boiling Crab The Boiling Crab’s speciality is The All Sha Bang Sauce that is an amalgamation of lemon, garlic, butter along with Cajun seasoning.

Does boiling crab have peeled shrimp?

Whole, shell-on, peel & eat shrimp.

Can the boiling crab come with beer?

Do The Boiling Crab offer drinks? Yes They offer wines and beer options. They are well-known for their selection of beer.

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